IFA's Teachers

  • Nicola Biasi
    Nicola Biasi

    Nicola Biasi began working at the Zuani company of the felluga family, after his internship in Jermann. In 2006 he left Italy to work in Australia, Tuscany and South Africa, at some of the most important companies in these territories. He returned home and for nine years he was Technical Director of Tuscan companies belonging to the allegrini family. In January 2016 he started collaborating with the Wine Research Team.

  • Roberta Schira
    Roberta Schira
    Writer and journalist, Roberta Schira is author of important books, including Menu for four seasons, Il nuovo Bon Ton a tavola, Il libro delle frattaglie and many others. She is the author of a food critic column in Corriere della Sera and writes about Finedininglovers, La Grande Cucina and The Life Journal. She also collaborates with RSI for the transmission of chefs d'artifice. She is founder and co-director of blogazine Madame&Monsieur.
  • Mirko Ronzoni
    Mirko Ronzoni

    Growing up in Bergamo, Mirko Ronzoni is the winner of the second Italian edition of “Hell’s Kitchen”. The win earned him the position of Executive Chef at the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia. After graduating from the hotel school, she worked in Italy and abroad; she lived in London, New York and Bucharest.

  • Paolo Castiglioni
    Paolo Castiglioni

    He has worked for many years as a photographer for corporate communication, with a strong experience in photography of still-life and food & beverage. He lives between the country and Milan. Between a photo for an advertising campaign, a recipe book with a great chef and a photo for a chocolate packaging, he developed his personal vision of photography.

  • Berardo Pomes
    Berardo Pomes

    Direttore Generale di importanti gruppi alberghieri. La sua formazione in ambito hospitality rappresenta un connubio tra le aree connesse al controllo gestione e quelle operative che fanno capo all’area F&B e all’area Sales and Marketing. Grande conoscitore del mondo gastronomico avendo collaborato con grandi chef stellati. Importante l’esperienza formativa con il suo grande maestro Gualtiero Marchesi. Nelle sue innumerevoli collaborazioni si annoverano aziende come: Fede group; StarHotels; Hilton; SmallLuxuryHotel; Gambero Rosso school; Alma; Mira Hotels; Royal hotels and resort group; Accor; Clubres.

  • Cino Wang Platania
    Cino Wang Platania

    Expert in tourism marketing for hotels, Cino Wang Platania deals with social media marketing and blog tour management for various hotels and restaurants, also carrying out hotel consulting. Professional teacher of marketing and social media management for tourism.

  • Davide Damiano
    Davide Damiano
    Chef with a twenty-year career: at a more traditional beginning that has seen him protagonist in important international cuisines, followed by an evolution that led him to become a consolidated and recognized consultant, an application chef as it is said, a multifaceted figure able both to develop new products and recipes, and to structure from scratch a local. Creative researcher, expert in baking techniques, products for dedicated food and molecular cuisine. Teacher who continuously supports training and refresher courses for colleagues, professionals and amateurs
  • Felice Lo Basso
    Felice Lo Basso

    He has participated in previous editions. Chef Felice Lo Basso completed his apprenticeship in great gourmet restaurants in Italy and abroad, and in 2011 was awarded the prestigious Michelin star. Refined style, makes quality and respect for raw materials its starting point. His trait d'union is the search for quality products, the desire to experiment shapes and colors, to mix tastes. Intuition, imagination, innovation and creativity are the pillars of its food and wine offer in its restaurants in Milan and Trani.

  • Davide Spadari
    Davide Spadari

    Davide Spadari began his career in El Pirlar (Peschiera del Garda). He also coordinates a social project for children based in Ecuador. In 2015-2016 he collaborated with the Ambrosian refectory of Massimo bottura in Milan and since then frequented the Osteria Francescana in Modena and the Ristorante di cracco in Milan.

  • Fabio Castiglioni
    Fabio Castiglioni
    Fabio Castiglioni has collaborated as chef and in charge of cooking with Restaurants and Hotel Chains of international fame like La Piazzetta, doubletree by Hilton, FedeGroup, Hotel Domina Milano. He is currently Chef De cuisine for the Hotel Milano Scala. He represents the perfect combination of competence, passion and innovation.
  • Hirohiko Shoda
    Hirohiko Shoda

    Hirohiko Shoda, nasce a Nara, in Giappone, il 5 Febbraio 1977. Dopo gli studi specialistici in cucina italiana e internazionale presso lo Tsuji Culinary Institute, lavora in Giappone nell’alta ristorazione come capo chef di numerosi locali. Nel 2006 si trasferisce in Italia e collabora per otto anni con lo chef Massimiliano Alajmo de Le Calandre di Padova, ristorante tre stelle Michelin. Dal 2014 Hiro è riconosciuto come personaggio televisivo e radiofonico (“Ciao, sono Hiro” e “Hiro in Japan” trasmessi sul canale 412 di SKY Gambero Rosso Channel, La Prova del Cuoco su Rai 1, GEO su Rai 3, Radio DeeJay), autore di libri (“Ciao, sono Hiro”, edito Gambero Rosso e “Washoku, l’arte della cucina giapponese”, edito Giunti), docente e autore del Master Japan, corso specialistico di cucina autentica giapponese. Nel marzo 2019 è stato nominato ufficialmente Ambasciatore della Cucina Giapponese in Italia dal MAFF Japan (Ministero dell’Agricoltura, delle Foreste e della Pesca del Giappone), conferito presso l’Ambasciata del Giappone a Roma.

  • Massimiliano Maraschiello
    Massimiliano Maraschiello

    A young chef with great enthusiasm and passion, he began his training at the hotel institute of San Benigno, then taking an internship at the renowned Accademia barilla in Parma and at the Grand Hotel Et De Milan. He has gained great experience in the kitchens of renowned hotels such as Hermitage on the Island of D’Elba, but also abroad (in Australia).

  • Ursula Chioma
    Ursula Chioma

    F&B Manager, bartending trainer and bar room with years of experience in the luxury tourism sector. Over the years she has travelled around the world and can boast 15 international awards in the bar industry. Training Centre tutor for the International bartenders Association. Among the most important structures with which she has collaborated are the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Lungarno Hotels in Florence, jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto Rome, Radisson Blu and Grand Hotel Plaza Rome. Chioma will be present in the editions of Rome and Florence.

  • Matteo Galiano
    Matteo Galiano

    Sommelier for the Italian Association sommelier since 2004, Matteo M. Galiano is organizer of events, tastings and thematic routes in the field of food and wine. Holds the positions of CEO, wine experience manager and sommelier for MIC srls, owner of the Tibevo brand.

  • Paola Azzolina
    Paola Azzolina

    "Torte d'autore" is Paola Azzolina’s pastry shop in Rome, where she designs and creates design masterpieces inspired not only by the customers' requests, but also by the long chats held in the delightful white living room. All this is fueled by an extraordinary passion for the world of fashion and the backstage of the most important fashion shows: art, fashion and cooking are perfectly combined.

    Sarà nostra docente fino al corso di luglio 2020.

  • Davide Larise
    Davide Larise

    Davide Larise, from the Gualtiero Marchesi school, has expanded his experience in Friuli in the facilities of the Alla Amici restaurant, by Chef Scarello. Approaching the vegetarian diet, in 2014 he arrived at Chef Pietro Leemann’s Joia restaurant. Become responsible for the opening of a vegetarian bistro in Mantua and later in charge of the cuisine of the Hotel Raphael Relais & chateaux (5 star luxury hotel, Rome). In 2016 he returns to Joia (the only vegetarian starred restaurant of Europe) with the role of sous chef.

  • Luca Gerini
    Luca Gerini

    He has participated as IFA teacher in previous editions. Luca Gerini has gained great experience in the food and wine sector between France and the United Kingdom. He ran the Michelin Days website. Graduated in Business Management in England from Leeds Metropolitan University, in 2002 he moved to France as director of the southern European area of Pixmania.com, which in just 5 years has become the largest startup in e-commerce in Europe. In 2011 he took over the management of the Louvre Hotels group (1200 hotels in 47 countries) and in 2015 he led the digital transformation of Michelin Restaurants France and Germany, launching in Italy, France and Spain new activities belonging to the same brand.

  • Giordy Luca Babbo
    Giordy Luca Babbo

    Winner of the selection of the“Gelateria World Cup” in Rimini, Giordy Luca Babbo won as best ice cream maker d'Italia, becoming an official member of the Italian Ice-Cream Team (Team Italiano Gelatieri). He continues to form, specializing in gastronomic ice-cream and currently works at the famous Caruso ice-cream shop, with offices in Polignano a Mare and Bari.

  • Roberto Tradito
    Roberto Tradito

    Expert in Food and Beverage, works at a national level, collaborating with several prestigious structures, to support them in operational and logistic management, dealing in particular with the selection and training of staff, product quality control, purchasing management and cost analysis. 

  • Chiara Caprettini
    Chiara Caprettini

    Young sommelier and writer from Turin; two years ago she started the foodblog, NORDFOODOVESTEST, where she writes and above all tells of small and large producers and restaurateurs – Italians and non-Italians who transfer all their passion into their work, combined with respect for ancient family traditions. The blog talks about small Spanish wineries producing wine, French bistros, maisons in the Champagne region, organic farms and pasta factories of the past. 

  • Alessandro Tiscione
    Alessandro Tiscione

    Together with his family, he manages a historic restaurant in Rome. Since 2009 he has lectured at the City of Taste of Gambero Rosso in Rome and other private bodies; he has participated in the television broadcast“the Teatro della Cucina” and on Alice’s TV channels. Passion, study and technical unity to curiosity and ambition complete his profile.

  • Francesco Favorito
    Francesco Favorito

    A prominent figure in Italian pastry and "white art"(the ancient art of pastry, pizzeria and bakery). A son of pastry chefs, he grew up in the family pastry shop, among moulds and creams. At the age of 16 he was placed in second place juniores in Rimini during the competition sigep. Since then his skill in pastry and baking has taken off: author of editorial projects on pastry and bakery, is also responsible for research and development projects for public and private bodies and collaborates with industry and monthly newspapers dedicated to food intolerances.

  • Flavia Mollica
    Flavia Mollica

    Born in Milan from parents from different and far countries: a father, Calabrian, who infused her with that healthy passion innate for good and typical food. Her Dutch mother gave her a sense of order and beauty. These types of education combined with passion and years of service on the set, led her to become a well-established food stylist.

  • Ambra Poli
    Ambra Poli

    A creative person who loves to dye by hand, design, build, paint, visit markets and set up, especially the table. She gives vent to her creativity thanks to her work as prop stylist, managing to transform what was previously a leisure in a profession.

  • Eugenio Boer
    Eugenio Boer
    Teacher for the edition 25-29 March 2019
    Chef Italian-Dutch, a Michelin star in 2017 with the local Essenza, is the owner of the restaurant [bu:r] in Milan, after a long experience gained in the years around Holland and Italy, who has seen it, among others, also at the St. hubertus of Norbert niederkofler in 2011. The attention to spaces, materials, techniques and raw materials are the staples of his approach to cooking, which refers to links with the Netherlands and is enriched by contamination with other traditions and cultures.
  • Alberto Lavorgna
    Alberto Lavorgna

    Founder of Hotel & Co. borns in London in 1971, he graduated in hotel management and business studies. Since 2004 he has been certified Director of Hotel and Teacher uplevel. He is an expert in Food & Beverage and the Italian tourist scene in general. Today he plays the role of Food & beverage Manager in Hilton. 

  • Ivana Carmen Mottola
    Ivana Carmen Mottola

    Concept & Eating Designer and founding partner of supperclub Italia, visionary and new design, has curated events and food experience, organized paths and training in international and multiform environments. Creative Director and founder of the research project applied to the new and its fruition, consumption and hospitality DesignFood.house.

  • Claudio Saini
    Claudio Saini
    Diplomatosi nel 2004 e spinto dalla voglia di imparare e conoscere, incomincia a viaggiare per il mondo lavorando in Australia, negli Stati Uniti, in Canada, a Londra, a Barcellona e ancora in Australia.
    Di ritorno in Italia con l’intenzione di metterci radici, decide di dedicarsi all’insegnamento della cucina e pasticceria italiana, ma non solo.
  • Luca Righi
    Luca Righi

    He began photographing from adolescence and became interested in the technical processes of light and color management in advertising photography, acquiring more and more knowledge of the photographic medium. In 2012 he founded, together with his wife, the Kartu Photographic Studio that deals with industrial, advertising and publishing photography. In July 2017 he joined the prestigious photographic agency Rosebud2 specializing in portraiture of characters related to the world of culture. His photographs have been published in newspapers, magazines and weeklies such as La Stampa, iodonna, Il Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Panorama, Famiglia Cristiana, Gioia and many others. 

  • Flavio Esposito
    Flavio Esposito
    After gaining experience in luxury hotels he arrives at the GOLD of Dolce and Gabbana where he begins to elaborate his concept of mathematics of taste (liquid cuisine). He has behind him important collaborations with several famous starred chefs, such as Heinz Beck. Founder of Boutique12 Group “Cucina & Cocktail” in Milan, his concept bar BESPOKE “SPIRIT OF TASTE” combines two concepts: neuro gastronomy and fragrances, sensory path already approved by experts such as Joe Bastianich, Teo Musso and Andrea Illy. Creator of format and new liquid products for mixing and responsible “research and development” of Campus (revival of Italian indigenous raw materials and its benefits) at the University of Salerno.
  • Massimo Prandi
    Massimo Prandi

    Master in viticultural and enological sciences and science and agro-food technologies, Massimo has ten years of experience in the wine sector. He is qualified sommelier and technical taster ONAV and since 2010 also technical taster for ONAS and ONAB. Since 2009 he has been the owner of his farm where he started the development of an innovative entrepreneurial project, based on the production of craft beer. He is also a food and wine editor of“The food culture”, a weekly online food industry information and culture.

  • Riccardo Mè
    Riccardo Mè

    Throughout his career he has carried out various tasks up to the organization of events and management of clubs and restaurants. Restaurant Bar Manager and General Manager for various facilities, is also a passionate connoisseur of the Italian food and wine scene.

  • Ursula Chioma
    Ursula Chioma

    F&B Manager, bartending trainer and bar room with years of experience in the luxury tourism sector. Over the years she has travelled around the world and can boast 15 international awards in the bar industry. Training Centre tutor for the International bartenders Association. Among the most important structures with which she has collaborated are the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Lungarno Hotels in Florence, jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto Rome, Radisson Blu and Grand Hotel Plaza Rome. Chioma will be present in the editions of Rome and Florence.

  • Paolo Barichella
    Paolo Barichella

    Paolo Barichella is a consultant and entrepreneur active in the practical application of Food Design in business. He is the professional who theorized food design in Italy in 2002. During his career he developed successful concepts for food format retail, products and product lines for food and food consumption, wrote articles and books on Food Design and participated as a speaker at international conferences. He teaches Food Design at the most important Italian and international universities, has participated as a food designer in world competitions of cooking, pastry and ice cream and has been testimonial for companies, events, television broadcasts and juries of awards. He is active as advisor for important customers and industrial groups and participates in quota to plans in which he is involved.

  • Massimo Innocenti
    Massimo Innocenti

    Originally from Rome, he has always cultivated interest in the culinary art, attending courses in Italian cuisine in Rome. The passion for Thailand, born back in 1988, led him to initially deepen the cuisine of this land, through targeted internships in Amsterdam at the restaurant “krua Thai Classic” managed by a dear Thai friend and later with advanced courses in Thailand at accredited schools. In Rome and Lazio he is present in private facilities both as a Chef in events of Thai cuisine tasting, and as a teacher in thematic courses for the preparation of various Thai specialties.

  • Fabio Orlando
    Fabio Orlando

    Classe 1978. Grazie agli anni di studio e pratica nel campo della pasticceria, inizia a farsi conoscere tra le varie scuole di Torino. Nel Marzo del 2010 gli viene chiesto di partecipare ad un’importante mostra di Sugar Art (ramo artistico della pastic-ceria) presso il rinomato Circolo degli Artisti di Torino. È l’unico partecipante giovane tra grandi nomi di settore. Dal 16 Dicembre 2013 all’aprile 2015, ha condotto “Cake Lovers”, il primo programma radio interamente dedicato al Cake Design e alla pasticceria. Nel 2016 è stato campione italiano di Cake Design FIPGC. Nel 2017 vince il titolo di miglior scultura e dessert al mondo presso il Campionato Mondiale FIPGC tenutosi ad Host Fiera Milano. A Settembre del 2018, ha presenziato come giudice Internazionale per la coppa Asia di Pasticceria dalla fiera Cinese Hotelex di Shanghai in Cina.

    Sarà docente unico del corso di Cake design a partire dall’edizione di ottobre 2020.

  • Massimo Conti
    Massimo Conti

    Esperto gelatiere dal 1982 gestendo in proprio la sua attività. Nel 1984 ha ampliato la sua esperienza alla somministrazione, dal 1996 opera come consulente campo nel  Food & Beverage, per poter valorizzare la sua esperienza e conoscenza nel campo professionale. Si occupa di consulenze in tutto il mondo per l’avvio di attività di produzione e vendita del gelato artigianale e della somministrazione che richiedano know-how per la lavorazione di materie prime e dell’organizzazione della gestione, allo scopo di dare un imprinting made in Italy a chi vuole iniziare un’attività in questo settore. È specializzato soprattutto nella lavorazione e trasformazione di materie prime naturali in gelato o sorbetto e nella valorizzazione e sperimentazione delle stesse di origine autoctona a seconda dei paesi in cui sono reperibili, da cui ottenere gusti inediti per personalizzare i menù proposti, non che di idee innovative nell’offerta di prodotti.

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