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Plating Art - ROME

Roma, 20 – 24 Gennaio 2020  (SOLD OUT)
Milano, 21 – 25 Settembre 2020
Roma, 9 – 13 Novembre 2020

Became an expert in plating art

Planting is an art that, like all arts, requires a good dose of innate creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, study, precision. Ingredients, techniques, choice of dish, position of food, shapes, colors and textures, are variables that in the poultice find the expression of that concept that today is “kitchen in continuous evolution”!

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Plating Art - ROME


È necessario avere un’esperienza come cuoco o pasticcere nel settore di almeno 2 anni.

Rome, 20 – 24 January 2020  (SOLD OUT)
Milano, 21 – 25 Settembre 2020
Roma, 9 – 13 Novembre 2020

Themes of the Course:

The laws of color and color pairing

Choice of dishes and food arrangement

Shapes and textures

Psychological aspects related to the perception of a dish

Illusion of taste

Eating design

The importance of the "signature page”


Training course

Nowadays eating must necessarily involve all the senses; a careful and creative presentation of a dish can make the difference! In addition to being an indication of attention towards customers, it can become a distinctive feature of the chef and the restaurant.


It is necessary to open up new frontiers in food, new possibilities for food pairing and treatment. New forms of presentation, food must be eaten first with your eyes! This is why an experienced and particularly attentive chef can find employment in all areas of the restaurant, especially in the quality structures where the high cuisine is practiced every day and experimentation is considered fundamental.



  • Taste imprinting 
  • Psychological aspects related to the perception of a dish
  • Eating design
  • Plating as an emotional experience
  • How to project a plat
  • The laws of color and color pairing
  • Choice of dishes and food arrangement
  • Geometric shapes, textures and volumes
  • The lines of force in the composition
  • Balancing shapes, colours and flavours
  • Cenni tecniche di cucina molecolare
  • Illusion of taste
  • The importance of a sort of signature
  • Practice


The aim of the Course is to provide students with the skills necessary to make the implantation their own distinctive feature.


Employment outlets are many and include restaurants, avant-garde pastry shops and catering and hospitality facilities.

You will also obtain the HACCP Certificate of 3° Level, the private certificate of attendance at the Master.


Master participants will be provided with textbooks.

You need to have at least 2 years experience as a cook or pastry chef.

Phases of the route

  • Preparatory lessons: texts + online platform
  • 20-hour online course to the HACCP Certificate of 3°level
  • Classroom phase: 40 hours
  • CV revision


  • Fill out the information request form and we will contact you. In the selection of candidates will be considered the school and work CV, and the cover letter. You can support the application with a portfolio of previous jobs. The Selection Board, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course/Master; only later it will be possible to send the registration form.


  • Possibility of financing the registration fee;
  • Career-focused meeting during the classroom phase;
  • Video CV ;
  • Elaboration and updating of the CV for the dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course;
  • Reporting of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the location of full-time lessons.


  • Roberta Schira
    Roberta Schira
    Writer and journalist, Roberta Schira is author of important books, including Menu for four seasons, Il nuovo Bon Ton a tavola, Il libro delle frattaglie and many others. She is the author of a food critic column in Corriere della Sera and writes about Finedininglovers, La Grande Cucina and The Life Journal. She also collaborates with RSI for the transmission of chefs d'artifice. She is founder and co-director of blogazine Madame&Monsieur.
  • Davide Damiano
    Davide Damiano
    Chef with a twenty-year career: at a more traditional beginning that has seen him protagonist in important international cuisines, followed by an evolution that led him to become a consolidated and recognized consultant, an application chef as it is said, a multifaceted figure able both to develop new products and recipes, and to structure from scratch a local. Creative researcher, expert in baking techniques, products for dedicated food and molecular cuisine. Teacher who continuously supports training and refresher courses for colleagues, professionals and amateurs
  • Felice Lo Basso
    Felice Lo Basso

    He has participated in previous editions. Chef Felice Lo Basso completed his apprenticeship in great gourmet restaurants in Italy and abroad, and in 2011 was awarded the prestigious Michelin star. Refined style, makes quality and respect for raw materials its starting point. His trait d'union is the search for quality products, the desire to experiment shapes and colors, to mix tastes. Intuition, imagination, innovation and creativity are the pillars of its food and wine offer in its restaurants in Milan and Trani.

  • Eugenio Boer
    Eugenio Boer
    Teacher for the edition 25-29 March 2019
    Chef Italian-Dutch, a Michelin star in 2017 with the local Essenza, is the owner of the restaurant [bu:r] in Milan, after a long experience gained in the years around Holland and Italy, who has seen it, among others, also at the St. hubertus of Norbert niederkofler in 2011. The attention to spaces, materials, techniques and raw materials are the staples of his approach to cooking, which refers to links with the Netherlands and is enriched by contamination with other traditions and cultures.
  • Ivana Carmen Mottola
    Ivana Carmen Mottola

    Concept & Eating Designer and founding partner of supperclub Italia, visionary and new design, has curated events and food experience, organized paths and training in international and multiform environments. Creative Director and founder of the research project applied to the new and its fruition, consumption and hospitality

  • Paolo Barichella
    Paolo Barichella

    Paolo Barichella is a consultant and entrepreneur active in the practical application of Food Design in business. He is the professional who theorized food design in Italy in 2002. During his career he developed successful concepts for food format retail, products and product lines for food and food consumption, wrote articles and books on Food Design and participated as a speaker at international conferences. He teaches Food Design at the most important Italian and international universities, has participated as a food designer in world competitions of cooking, pastry and ice cream and has been testimonial for companies, events, television broadcasts and juries of awards. He is active as advisor for important customers and industrial groups and participates in quota to plans in which he is involved.


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