Specialization course in

Ice-cream sushi

Milano, 29 settembre – 1 ottobre 2020

Specialized in Ice-cream Sushi

Do you want to be an ice cream Sushi expert?
The IFA Sushi Ice Cream Specialization Course is an extraordinary opportunity to improve and distinguish oneself in a profession that in Italy is not in crisis. Italy is the undisputed leader in the world of artisanal ice cream. “innovative”implantations can be very satisfying, both in terms of human and professional growth.

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Sushi ice-cream

Milano, 29 settembre – 1 ottobre 2020

Themes of the course:

Ice cream shop

Ice-cream based on water and milk



Practical part

Training course

An expert in the creation of Ice Cream Sushi possesses remarkable creative and artistic qualities, as much as the dexterity in the correct use of the instruments suitable for the production of ice cream. These skills are the basis of an excellent professional. The aim of the course is precisely to train professionals in the exercise of this craft activity so special. An ice-cream maker must know all the ingredients for the production of a healthy and natural food, know how to mix them and how to prepare them.


The deseasonalization of demand makes ice cream professionals increasingly sought after. Today everything revolves around the study of new tastes and recipes, together with the attention given to intolerances and special needs. Made in Italy ice-cream parlour is, after all, a reference point for the sector.



  • The bases of ice cream
  • Raw materials: functional composition
  • Balancing ice-creams based milk or water
  • Ingredients
  • Chromatic and gustatory match
  • Illusion of taste
  • Practical part


The aim of the specialization course is to provide students with the basics and knowledge to make perfect sushi ice cream.


To participate in the Specialization Course you will be provided with textbooks and a recipe book.

It is necessary to possess creative, manual and artistic skills in the use of ice cream production tools and experience in the sector.


The student specializing in sushi ice-cream can find employment ice-cream shops, pastry shops, restaurants, catering companies, or in the confectionery industry linked to the circuit of the great distribution, as well as of course in the dedicated workshops inside the supermarkets.

You will also obtain the HACCP Certificate of 3° Level, the private certificate of attendance at the Course.

Phases of the route

  • 20-hour online course to the HACCP Certificate of 3°level
  • Fase d’aula: 24 ore
  • CV elaboration and dissemination


  • Fill out the information request form and we will contact you. In the selection of candidates will be considered the school and work CV, and the cover letter. You can support the application with a portfolio of previous jobs. The Selection Board, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course/Master; only later it will be possible to send the registration form.


  • Possibility of financing the registration fee;
  • Career-focused meeting during the classroom phase;
  • Video CV ;
  • Elaboration and updating of the CV for the dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course;
  • Reporting of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the location of full-time lessons.


  • Massimo Conti
    Massimo Conti

    Esperto gelatiere dal 1982 gestendo in proprio la sua attività. Nel 1984 ha ampliato la sua esperienza alla somministrazione, dal 1996 opera come consulente campo nel  Food & Beverage, per poter valorizzare la sua esperienza e conoscenza nel campo professionale. Si occupa di consulenze in tutto il mondo per l’avvio di attività di produzione e vendita del gelato artigianale e della somministrazione che richiedano know-how per la lavorazione di materie prime e dell’organizzazione della gestione, allo scopo di dare un imprinting made in Italy a chi vuole iniziare un’attività in questo settore. È specializzato soprattutto nella lavorazione e trasformazione di materie prime naturali in gelato o sorbetto e nella valorizzazione e sperimentazione delle stesse di origine autoctona a seconda dei paesi in cui sono reperibili, da cui ottenere gusti inediti per personalizzare i menù proposti, non che di idee innovative nell’offerta di prodotti.


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