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Specialize you or specialize your team in molecular cuisine

Roma, 16 – 18 gennaio 2020 – SOLD OUT
Roma, 22 – 24 aprile 2020
Milano, 4 – 6 maggio 2020 – SOLD OUT
Milano, 8 – 10 giugno 2020

Grow your business

Discover new culinary horizons, don’t miss the current trends, the IFA Molecular Cooking Course is a full-immersion formative experience that will train you and your chefs with basic and advanced cooking techniques, giving you the ability to manipulate the molecular structure of food to create amazing dishes with high nutritional value that will open up new horizons of cutting-edge business.

molecular cuisine

Roma, 16 – 18 gennaio 2020 – SOLD OUT
Roma, 22 – 24 aprile 2020
Milano, 4 – 6 maggio 2020 – SOLD OUT
Milano, 8 – 10 giugno 2020

Invest in the future of your business, train your team of highly qualified professionals.

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New jobs horizons

It is important to open up to new frontiers of food, new possibilities of combining and treating foods far from those we are accustomed to. This is why the specialist in molecular cuisine is important in all areas of catering, especially in quality structures where high cuisine is practiced every day and experimentation is considered fundamental.


For you and your staff, many established teachers with great experience in the sector, who will guide you in a highly specialized path.

  • Davide Damiano
    Davide Damiano
    Chef with a twenty-year career: at a more traditional beginning that has seen him protagonist in important international cuisines, followed by an evolution that led him to become a consolidated and recognized consultant, an application chef as it is said, a multifaceted figure able both to develop new products and recipes, and to structure from scratch a local. Creative researcher, expert in baking techniques, products for dedicated food and molecular cuisine. Teacher who continuously supports training and refresher courses for colleagues, professionals and amateurs

Don’t miss this opportunity for your company! Specialize your team.


The Specialization Course in Molecular Cooking will teach you to enchant and amaze with the application of culinary science to cooking methods. The molecular cuisine, starting from the observation of the molecular behaviour of food during preparation, allows to transform the molecular structure of food during its preparation, without additive chemicals. The secret of molecular cuisine is to revisit the classic cooking methods to create new flavors and improve the dishes from the gastronomic and nutritional point of view.


Phases of the route

Preparatory lessons: texts + online platform

Classroom phase: 24 hours (Milan)

Max. participants: 15

20-hour online course to the HACCP Certificate of 3°level


Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. The examination board will inform you of the results of the selection and the admission to the Course/Master; only later it will be possible to send the registration form.


Possibility of financing the registration fee.


The aim of the specialization course is to provide students with the basics and best practices of molecular cuisine, through the teaching of cooking and preparation techniques that change the molecular state of food, with an impact on gastronomic and nutritional properties.


Molecular sciences and sensory analysis
Use of N2O syphon
Creation of the foam


Third level HACCP certificate
Private Certificate of attendance of the Specialization Course


Textbooks, cookbook

Why choose the molecular cooking course for your team?

Full immersion lessons

8-hour classroom lessons about molecular cooking techniques and tools.

Highly qualified teachers

The best molecular cuisine chefs to convey to your staff knowledge and skills.

Save time for your business

Thanks to the full immarsion formula, your team can specialize without taking too much time from your business.

Many hours of practical exercises

A complete training on the ground to put into practice all the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

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